Oil cans washing recycling machine line

HDPE Oil cans washing recycling machine line

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Raw materials: oil cans ,oil pot ,waste machine oil drum, lubricating oil drum, etc

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According to the national list of hazardous wastes (version 2021), the waste mineral oil produced in the process of production, sales and use and the waste packaging contaminated with mineral oil belong to hazardous waste hw08 (hazardous waste code 900-249-08), such as waste machine oil barrel, lubricating oil barrel, etc; The production line system is designed for the recovery and disposal project of hazardous waste hw08 machine oil kettle. According to the classification requirements in the national list of hazardous wastes, waste packaging containers containing or contaminated with mineral oil such as engine oil pots belong to hw08 industrial hazardous wastes. It does not belong to general solid waste or industrial waste, and its collection, storage, transportation and disposal must meet the relevant requirements of the law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste. Therefore, the process rigor, overall sealing and zero manual intervention of the system are essentially different from the traditional solid waste treatment

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The main units of the recycling system:

1.Shredding pretreatment

2.First residual harmless collection

3.Fine crushing +secondary residual harmless collection

4.Heating and friction washer

5.Powerful washing and decontamination

6.Dewater dryer

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