Waste Heavy Surface Printed Film Recycling Pelletizing Line

  • Raw materials: pre washed sheet, PE / PP printing roll / film

Waste Heavy Surface Printed Film Recycling Pelletizing Line


Suitable for recycling waste plastics with little water and heavy surface printed film

Perfect recycling equipment that combines crushing, extrusion and pelletizing in the same machine

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Model PTCS Three-in-one plastic recycling machine
Final product Plastic pellets
Recycling machine structure Conveyor belt, crusher, extruder, pelletizing unit, water cooling unit, drying unit and storage cylinder, degassing unit, filter unit
Recyclable materials DPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, BOPP, CPP, OPP, PA, PC, PS, PU, EPS
Production capacity 100-1200KG/H
Feeding system Belt conveyor, clamp wheel set (optional)
Screw diameter 65~185mm (customized)
Screw length to diameter(L/D)ratio 30/1, 32/1, 34/1, 36/1 (customized)
Screw material 38CrMoAl or bimetal
Degassing hole Double degassing hole, single degassing hole or no degassing hole (customized)
Filtering system Double-cylinder filtration
Pellet type Hot die-cutting type (water-ring cutting)
Cooling method Water cooling
Voltage Customization (for example: 480V 60Hz in the United States, 440V/220V 60Hz in Mexico, 380V 60Hz in Saudi Arabia, 415V 50Hz in Nigeria)
Optional accessories Metal detector (S+S Germany), wheel set, color master batch and additive meter, centrifugal dehydrator
Delivery date It takes 50~70 days to customize the machine.
Warranty One year
After-sales service Engineers can be dispatched to customers' overseas factories to assist in machine installation
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Feeding unit 1

Belt conveyor unit: The recycled waste can be directly placed on the conveyor belt to facilitate feeding, and the conveyor belt controls the feeding rate with ampere quantification

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Feeding unit 2

Clamping wheel set: It can be matched with a belt conveyor unit to feed the entire roll of film on the rack at the same time. Cutting compaction system Equipped with a precise temperature control and cutting system to ensure that the semi-molten plastic can quickly and stably enter the extrusion system for mixing

Cutting compaction system

Equipped with a precise temperature control and cutting system to ensure that the semi-molten plastic can quickly and stably enter the extrusion system for mixing and fusion.

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Degassing hole

The double degassing hole design of the extruder can release more ink and water vapour in the recycled material to improve the quality of the final product

Filter screen change system

The double-column screen changing system has a filter area twice as large as the general pallet screen changing system. This screen changing system can improve filtration efficiency and reduce the number of screen changes. In addition to reducing the number of screen changes, the dual-channel design allows the machine to continue to operate during the screen change process, increasing the overall production capacity of the machine and reducing waste.

Pelletizing unit

The hot die pelletizing system can immediately pelletize the melted plastic material after extrusion. Immediately after cutting the pellets, it enters the water ring for cooling. The particle shape and size are average, conducive to re-production in various extruders and injection molding machines.

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The recycled particles of the product can be 100% directly put into the film blowing machine or pipe extruder production line for reuse.

Pelletizer design can be used to process up to 95% surface printing recovery materials.

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1. Filtration before degassing

This machine recovers the reprinted recovery material, which is filtered before the degassing so that it can ensure high quality degassing effect, produce better particles.

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2. Triple degassing

In addition to the double degassing of the first extruder, the breathable blocks (at the first and second extruder junctions) serve as the third degassing section to further remove ink and excess moisture from the recycled material.

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3.Improved pelletizing is more rapid and more stable

The improved pelletizing design is now used in the printing of the BOPP film recovery effect. In addition to pulverization, the pulverization unit also uses the thermal energy generated by the operation to heat the plastic material. The tightening step dramatically enhances the stability from the pulverization unit to the proposal section. Highly stable feeding ensures the stable capacity of the machine.

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