Located in china

Heavy Duty Single Shaft Shredder

This PTSS Shredder machine helps customer pre-process big size PP Non-woven fabric&jumbo Bags&PC barrel before feeding in Granulation system or washing line.


Located in Rwanda

Heavy Duty Plastic Crusher

POLYRETEC heavy duty Plastic crusher mainly used in crushing HDPE/PP/ABS/HIPS tray,sheet,injection parts,bottles etc.


Plastic Drum Crate Crusher Machine

It is really suitable for crushing directly plastic bottles,crate,basket,bucket,drum,barrel,cans,and other plastic containers or injection plastics.No need shredder.
Advantages of crusher: Energy saving due to high efficiency. The unique "happy style" design has the greatest advantage of being able to easily access the interior of the equipment, clean and maintain quickly, and complete production conversion quickly, thereby improving efficiency. With such rapid shutdown and conversion, the operating time is maximized, labor costs are minimized, and cleaning inspections are "visualized", thus avoiding cross contamination when raw materials or colors change. Knife replacement maintenance only requires opening the screen door, which is extremely convenient. The feeding hopper is equipped with an electric push rod, and the feeding hopper can automatically open by simply pressing the button.