• HDPE plastic pallet crate shredding recycling line
  • HDPE plastic pallet crate shredding recycling line

HDPE plastic pallet crate shredding recycling line

HDPE plastic pallet crate shredding recycling line

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Raw materials: hdpe pallet ,hdpe create ,trash cans

Capacity:500kghr ,1000kghr ,2000kghr

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The main units of the recycling system:


Plastic Pallet recycling line is a complete engineered process to deliver fast, efficient, reliable plastic regrind. Or in short, we make “from plastic to profit” happen. Plastic containers like IBC tank and Pallets are manually fed to the conveyor. The system would take care of the rest of process.

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heavy-duty two shaft shredder downsizes a plastic Pallet into 40mm wide pieces within 10 seconds. Thanks to the vertical pusher, it keeps a Pallet in closed contact with blades. The high-torque rotors shear a Pallet immediately. To view more plastic tote shredding here.


Granulation is an essential step to produce uniform 12mm particles. The high-speed rotor in assist of water inflow, realizing granulating and washing at the a same time. Polytec granulator equipments a hydraulic screen cradle and hopper as well as a knife jig, which greatly reduces service time.



Sink-float tank stir the buoyant regrind, leaving contaminant and chemical to sink or dissolve. There is a screw convyeor to pick up and discharge sinking materials. Next, we have a friction washer that rotates at 1000 RPM spin out contaminants and debris. At the end of washing, a centrifugal dryer carries out the dewatering, minizing the water content to 1%.



The Plastic Pallet Recycling Line produces 12mm dried and clean HDPE flakes, while containment and unwanted like paper labels are removed. The collection rack comes with 2 chutes where you can feed to one big bag at a time. Of course, the built-in cyclone filters the dust.

The output regrind can mix with resin for all kinds plastic processing such as injection molding and blow molding.


To further enhance the quality of the regrind, it is sugguested to integrate a pelletizer proceeding to Polytec plastic Pallet washing line.

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Once a plastic Pallet washing line is finished, Polytec tests it with similar materials to show capability and output. Seeing is believing, so you are greatly welcome to present and witness with us on site. If you cannot make in person, detailed videos and numerous photos will be prepared for you to exam.

Plastic Pallet, After Washing System

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