New project 1100kg/h 5G Double Filtration Compacting Pelletizing Line

Our company has completed a new modern plastic recycling Two Stage Plastic Pelletizer Machine with self-clean filtration system!The self-clean filter realizes automatic slag discharge.For the second stage,we use piston type filter,which has a large filtration area.


Double Stage PE Drip Tape Recycling Pelletizing Line from POLYRETEC

This is 1000kg/h Double Stage Compacting Water Ring Pelletizing Machine for PE drip tape.We use double stage extruder to help our customers to remove more impurities,Using water ring pelletizer system to ensure that we can get good performance particles.


PTC185 LDPE HDPE LLDPE Film Pelletizing Line With Compactor

Professional recycler for plastic film recycling.Recycling LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,BOPP,CPP and other different plastic films,the advanced design of the PTC series pelletizing line meets the needs of customer for recycling ditterent materials,helping customer quickly recover costs.


PP Non-woven Fabric /tpe gloves Shredding Compacting Recycling Extruder Machine

Vietnam listed group professional recycling company specializing in the recycling of PP non-woven fabrics,Who has EREMA recycling machine.Because of the quality of POLYRETEC,they also bought POLYRETEC recycling machine.The machine runs smoothly and the output productivity is high.


Located in shanghai

PE PP Film&Rigid Plastic Recycling Granulate machine

This PTC80 Compacting water ring granulate machine was designed for PP PE film&Rigid plastic recycling.It has a wide application for many form of PP PE PS plastics,such as film,bags, woven scraps,rigid Flakes etc.The whole line could be Fully aromatically controlled in one control panel .


Located in china

PP Woven Bag Recycling Pelletizing Machine

The biggest PP woven bag and jumbo bag manufacturer in china CONCH CEMENT GROUP who have post industrial PP woven bag and woven fabric waste.The advanced technology compacting pelletizing system gives the waste a second life.


Located in Lebanon

PTC130 Double Stage PP PE Film Recycling Granulator

Recycler for mulching plastic PP PE film recycling,Who have the washing plant for waste film crushing washing and drying process.POLYRETEC double stage pelletizing plant helps him to make more money!


Located in Turkey

Ldpe Films Recycling Pelletizing System From Polyretec Machinery

The Turkey customer recycles LLDPE Bags and Pe Films.This pelletizing machine is realized to recycle the printed bags and films in one machine.The machine capacity of our PTC100 can do 350kg per hour.


POLYRETEC PTC100 Rigid Plastic Watering Pelletizing System

In this summer,our worker work hard to advance the delivery,now we have just finished this system for our Poland client,and have test with the material exact client required,PTC series which is specially designed for rigid PP/PE plastics,the system was running quite smooth and As European Countries have more strict safety and environment standard,our recycling line have CE safety switch and internal locking to protect the operators,even single machine match the EU standard,and also,we got CE certificate,that's why the client choose us in numerous of suppliers.


Located in JAPAN

PTS Plastic Recycling Pelletising Machine For HDPE Regrind

The client is a large HDPE pipe manufacturer in JAPAN.He bought a PTS plastic recycling machine to recycle the shredded and crushed plastic pipes.The recycled plastic pellets can be reused to produce plastic pipes again.


Located in Qatar

PTC Waste Plastic Film Bags Recycling Pelletizing Granulator

A well-known local plastic company in qatar chooses POLYRETEC recycling granulator to recycle the in house plastic waste of the customer's factory.According to the instructions provided by POLYRETEC,the customer completed the installation and commissioning by their-self .