• XDPE Flakes Pelletizing Line
  • XDPE Flakes Pelletizing Line

XDPE Flakes Pelletizing Line

  • Raw materials: XDPE flakes pelletizing line
  • Raw material: xdpe cable scraps ,PVC scraps

XDPE Flakes Pelletizing Line



XDPE pellets Production Line adopts conventional Sequencer Electric Control. Temperature regulation is Superior Digital Temperature Control Formulation PID Adjustment. The primary motor and feeding execution are interlock coordinated. The operator's board has a heating and disconnection alert, in addition to primary aircraft operation, alert indication, etc. Button protocol. XDPE pellets Production Line features: 1. Processed XDPE pellets are granulated after cleaning, with moisture content within 5%. 2. Three sections and Roots Suction Pump, with excellent exhaustion effect. 3. XDPE pellets Extruder is a Twin-screw Press with exceptional blending properties, good self-cleaning, adaptable modular combination features. XDPE pellets Producer does not require a complex Pre-crystallized drying system, achieving optimal PET viscosity control, low IV degradation, adding appropriate adjuncts to achieve increased adhesion.

product description2
Mode Tssk-50 TSSK-65 Tssk-72 Tssk-92
Screw Diameter(mm) 50.5 62.4 71.2 91
Main Motor Power(kw) 37 55 110 250
Capacity(kg/h) 80-120 200-250 300-400 500-800

Detailed features

◆ The Screw Material: 38CrMoAlA undergoes nitrogen treatment or is made with double metal construction.
◆ The screw assembly is designed with the help of computer-aided technology and features kneading, as well as an exceptional self-cleaning function.
◆ Superior degassing performance
◆ You can witness the machine in operation if you visit our factory
◆ Capable of tailoring the machine to suit your material
◆ A one-year warranty, with the provision of lifelong after-sales support

Double Screw Extruder and Pelletizing Line

Screw Feeder→Quantitative Feeder→Hydraulic filter Mesh Changer→Water Tank→Dryer→Pelletizer→Vibrating screen(Optional)→Air supply system→Silo


The component includes a gearbox for reduction (external cooling loop, minimal noise, and high torque), a nitrided 38CrMoA1 screw, and a cylinder (fan-cooled, temperature-meter controlled, treated with nitride, and 38CrMoAlA), as well as a vacuum system.

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Water Cooling Strand Cutting System

The system for cutting plastic strands from the Extruder includes a cooling reservoir, robust air drying, and a granulator.

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